Transport & goods to and from the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre and Gothia Towers

Let us take care of everything!

Let us assist you with transporting your goods and transport to and from the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre and Gothia Towers. We collect and deliver your goods so you can focus on other things. All you need to do is pack and label your goods and we’ll take care of the rest via the service Door-to-Door, alternatively Door-premesis-Door.

Click on Price estimate for complete logistics solution » to obtain a quote including freight and unloading/loding.

Delivery and collection address

For Organiser

[Event name]
Svenska Mässan/Gothia Towers
Attn: [Company name, Stand nbr or hall name]
Mässans gata 6
SE-412 51 Göteborg

Does your courier require a contact person for the goods?
Please state:

Transport Service
[email protected]
+46 317088600

Storage of empty packaging and goods

It is possible to book storage of empty packaging on site for the duration of the event or exhibition. Storage refers to empty packaging only (not ladders, stand materials or exhibition goods). We take no responsibility for any material left behind. It’s also possible to store goods with easy access during the exhibition. Storage is booked on site, welcome to visit the Transport Service office

Own handling of goods via our loading yard, vehicles higher than 2,05m

If you wish to unload/load goods and/or materials yourself, without any assistance from the Swedish Exhibition, this needs to be done during the moving-in and moving-out times for the event or exhibition.
You need to preregister and indicate that you will handle the goods yourself under Preregister & book ».
Due to space requirements we need to limit your time in our loading yard to maximum 45 minutes.
Self unloading and loading takes place subject to space. We make reservation for possible queueing time.

Find us at Mässans Gata 6

Please note that in order to get to #6 you will have to enter the gates at #34. To be allowed to enter we kindly ask you to state the name of the exhibition/congress and your stand nbr. Please follow the instructions from our personnel.

Services & prices

Preregister & book »
Remember to always preregister incoming & outgoing goods
(Packages, pallets etc.)

Prices for goods handling »
(Pallets, storage of empty packaging, forklift work etc.)

Price estimate for complete logistics solution »
(We take care of everything: Door-Stand-Door or Door-Premises-Door.)

Contact details the Swedish Exhibition Transport Service »
Please reach out to us if you have questions!

General terms and conditions

  • Goods that have not been collected or preregistered after the end of the moving-out period will be transferred/transported for storage at the exhibitor’s expense according to the applicable price list.
  • Unmarked goods left behind after the end of the fair that cannot be identified will be disposed of.
  • Goods must not be placed in aisles or outside stand areas. This is to ensure that other transport or work involving carpets, lifts, etc. is not obstructed.
  • The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre is entitled to deal with or remove any such goods left in aisles/outside stand areas at the exhibitor’s expense according to the applicable price list.
  • Motorised vehicles may not be driven into the halls.
  • Cars and other vehicles exhibited at the fair are to have a full tank of fuel and to have a lockable fuel cap.
  • All internal transport, lifting work and fork-lift work in the exhibition area is handled by the Swedish Exhibition Transport Service and is invoiced according to the applicable price list.
  • All tasks are carried out on the basis of NSAB 2000.
  • Anyone collecting exhibition goods must be able to provide identification or otherwise prove that they are entitled to collect an exhibitor’s goods.
  • If an exhibitor engages an outside firm to transport exhibition goods, the exhibitor is to inform the Swedish Exhibition Transport Service and hand over freight documents.